West Coast Surf Hostel | Praia da Areia Branca, Lourinhã near Peniche


In a way yoga and surf complement eachother,both integrate the practioner in the nature and have the ability of bringing him into the present moment. Gerry Lopez, Kelly slater, Rochelle Ballard, Layne Beachley are just some of the surfers that benefit from this relationship.

At the end of the pratice this state of increased concentration is applied on visualization and meditation exercices. Targeting this integrated state of our physical and mental capacities is the key to improve all levels of surfing.
More about our yoga pratice here : https://kavisadhana.blogspot.com/

Yoga for surfers applies a combination of yoga techniques targeted on surfing that will provide an extraordinary increase of energy, vitality, strenght, flexibility and confidence.By using a fluid movement from one posture to another combined with the right breathing (vinyasa flow), we start to develop a useful concentrative state and to understand what is “focus in movement”, something very useful in the water.


Body awareness, faster reflexes, increased lung capacity and resistence, focus and reduction of anxiety will improve your surfing skills and thus,enjoy the feeling of completeness,the so called “stoked”, that surfing triggers.

Yoga Lesson
20.00 euros (Minimum groups of 2 persons)

Surf taxi

The Silver Coast is the best choise to all levels of surf, the small waves are strong and excellent for a quick and safe learning, for intermediate and advanced surfers, it´s the paradise in liquid shape.

Portugal is the most consistent “aquatic park” from Europe,everyday off-shore wind provides all sorts of waves in different spots, this splits the crowd and offers the perfect conditions for the more experienced and for those who are beginning to surf.

The Surf taxi trips are led for Surfers that know the area and the best spots. The choise of the spot of the day is made taking in consideration the number of surfers and the experience of the group.In the morning from 9.00 to 13.00, in the afternoon from 15.00 to 19.00 or all day from 09.00 to 19.00,Surf Taxi will take to the best spots from Areia Branca to Peniche.The prices are always the same,10.00 euros per person,and includes transport,free use of wax,and in case of something went wrong an suplent leash.

Stay Stoked

Surf Taxi
09.00.am - 13.00. am - 20.00. euros
09.00pm - 19.00. pm - 35.00 euros
(Minimum groups of 2 persons)

Surf Rentals

The West Coast surf gear is made by the best brands on the market and we are always looking for the best materials.

We have an full range of surfboards,from beginner to advanced,and personalized warm and comfortable wetsuits for you to use.

Surf boards
Half day - (09.00 am 13.00 pm OR 14.00 pm - 19.00pm ) - 15.00 euros
Day - (09.00 am - 19.00pm) - 20.00 euros
7 Days - 100.00 euros

Half day - (09.00 am 13.00 pm OR 14.00 pm - 19.00pm ) - 10.00 euros
Day - (09.00 am - 19.00pm) - 15.00 euros
7 Days - 80.00 euros

Surfboards + Wetsuits
Half day - (09.00 am 13.00 pm OR 14.00 pm - 19.00pm ) - 20.00 euros
Day - (09.00 am - 19.00pm) - 30.00 euros
7 Days - 140.00 euros


Our transfer services can pick and take you back to the airport or simply pick-in or pick out service.


You also can request for organize a tour to the monuments,medieval villages, Sintra, the Jurassic Park or somewhere you would like to visit.

One way transfer ( Lisbon - Praia da Areia Branca ) - 80.00 euros (1 or 2 persons ) 130.00 ( 3 to 5 persons)
Both ways ( Lisbon - Praia da Areia Branca -pick and return ) - 140.00 (1 or 2 persons) 190.00 (3 to 5 persons)