West Coast Surf Hostel | Praia da Areia Branca, Lourinhã near Peniche

Free yoga classes for our Guests


Surf and yoga are two disciplines that, if melted, becomes a lifestyle where one discipline helps another to reach the ultimate goal, freedom.
An yoga practice and an intense wave makes you feel more alive than ever, aware of everything, without your senses and mind interfering and fullof wisdom, like if you were in deep meditation,but in action

Most professional surfers at WSL started to practice yoga, guys like Slater, Medina, Gerry Lopez etc., in order to improve their surfing skills and enjoy the benefits of yoga such as better flexibility, breathing capacity, concentration, motor coordination etc.
But something happened and nowadays they do not renounce to their own daily yoga practice and the mental state that she provides them, without thinking in the surf beneficts.

This year, we decided at the West Coast Surf Hostel that we will offer free yoga classes, not only for surfers, but for everyone who is our guest for 3 days.